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These initiatives through the Career and Trades Program are geared toward younger learners from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The goal is to provide exposure to a variety of careers, trades and experiences to open their thinking before heading to high school. 

Farm to School

Several schools in the district collaborate with Farm to School BC to grow their own food in gardens, greenhouses and indoor grow towers. 


Live-it is a live-streaming platform that allows students, teachers and parents get deeper into a subject. Topics explored include Orcas, Sea Lions, Wildfire, and Salmon Runs.

UNBC Active Minds

Partnering with UNBC, students take part in a one-day science camp to explore concepts in science and engineering.

Virtual Sandbox

This interactive mobile geology tool is always a hit with students. Students are able to manipulate landscapes with weather, and geological processes.

Outdoor Learning

For K-4 students, this learning provides hands-on learning with real tools to help with collaborative learning and problems solving skills. 

Jr. Achievement BC

Culmination of a 4-week JABC program, students learn business planning and marketing for their own business, and then have a market day to sell their goods.


From Bee-Bots, Micro-Bits and Robotic Lego League, there is a technical level for learners from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Little Chef Program

Students plan and prepare a three-course meal that is delivered via a 'restaurant' model during the course of a day. Fun learning for everyone!

Simple Machines

A way to plan, build and demonstrate simple machines. Students use wood, metal, magnets, ropes, wheels, pullies and more to construct.

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